PEER Professional Excellence

Among the best ways to foster organizational success is by encouraging leaders and employees to work together. HR enables that process by connecting people with strategy and helping employees and leaders to communicate with each other, which ultimately leads to more efficient delivery of organizational goals.

A Peer Review – The CASE Insights You Need

There is no substitute for the kind of expert guidance that can only be provided by a peer who has mastered the art of navigating the nonprofit sector. Whether you need someone to review your application, provide mentoring, or simply share their experiences, there is no better partner than your peers.

The best way to ensure your organization is in compliance with the Standards for Excellence Code is by engaging in a formal peer review. The standardized review process provides a transparent and impartial way to evaluate applications and determine eligibility for recognition.

Cases and the PBL Method

The case study method is a proven instructional technique that involves asking students to investigate a complex, realistic problem or situation. The goal is to stimulate their thinking about the issue by presenting them with an actual occurrence and providing them with information about how it occurred.

When paired with the right tools and resources, case studies can be a powerful tool for instruction. Using a case study as a teaching tool can help students develop a deeper understanding of the topic, improve their decision making, and increase their engagement with the subject.

Cases are a great way to encourage student discussion and collaboration and provide an opportunity for learning how to solve problems in the real world. They are also a valuable tool for evaluating and improving student performance in academic courses.

Using cases in the classroom is a great way to engage students and make them think about their future careers and educational choices. They can challenge students to think about how their personal values and beliefs impact their behavior.

There are a variety of online and print materials available to educators on the topic of teaching with cases. Some are free and others cost a modest fee. These include books, articles, and websites with a wealth of information about case study writing and research.

CASE Insights – The Data and Standards You Need

Through the new name CASE Insights, we are taking data, standards and research to a whole new level. Our specialized tools and resources enable members to maximize their impact and demonstrate strategic value.